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Welcome to Twig & Thread Kids.

Nest made by children

Twig & Thread Kids is a blog and consulting company designed to help families navigate the overwhelm of the current world in a healthy, wholehearted way.

Things you can expect from this blog:

-tips for decluttering your home and lifestyle

-resources about the benefits of certain practices on your child and families

-fun, inspiring stories about families who choose simplicity over stuff

-personal experiences from my work in the field (literally) of outdoor early childhood education

-updates about workshops, consulting successes, and more

Where this info is coming from:

-Founder and blogger Rachel J. Franz is a professional early childhood educator, founder of an outdoor preschool, and an expert on the impacts of consumerism in early childhood. She is also a certified Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach and advocate for affordable, high quality early childhood education.

Thank you for visiting!

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